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Harbor Town

Memphis, Tennessee

Established in 1989, Harbor Town is one of the oldest new urbanist towns in the United States. Harbor Town began as developer Henry Turley's vision to create the kind of place where people want to live, not the kind of place banks will finance. Harbor Town includes mixed-use development, traditional design, and pedestrian friendly attributes, as it seeks to recreate the sociable traits of places built 70 to 100 years ago. With these traits in mind, Harbor Town homes sit close to the street and incorporate front porches and balconies to encourage interaction among residents. The 135-acre town contains 500 homes, 400 apartments, commercial and retail space, along with a small private school and several town green spaces. As an architect with Looney Ricks Kiss, Brad Shapiro has been involved with Harbor Town since its founding in 1989. Eighteen years later, Shapiro & Company continues to be involved in the design of some of the remaining parcels for single family detached residences, as well as an adjacent 200-unit three and four story condominium project.