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Shaker Inspired Residence

This simply stated Shaker residence presents a polished look with a nod to the past. The exterior design recalls the understated details of traditional design and updates them to a modern lifestyle, bringing the past into the present. The interior layout is designed around a strong sense of family. The family prepares meals together each night in the largely scaled kitchen that was designed to facilitate this interaction. A sleeping alcove located within the master suite welcomes in frightened or sick children in the night. Two family rooms off of the central kitchen extend to a screened porch complete with an outdoor kitchen for family entertaining, and a breezeway connects the home to a detached gym for basketball and squash. Organization is a mantra for the family. Each room is outfitted with built-in storage space or bookshelves so that belongings may be contained in an orderly fashion. Personalized office spaces are neatly tucked away in alcoves to separate work from relaxation. The interior elements -- rustic wood beams, natural stone fireplaces, and warm wood ceilings -- form a nostalgic backdrop to more updated furnishings and cabinets and set a casual tone. The decor and overall sense of comfort are pared down to perfection and fit a home that is as attuned to the past as it is to the present.

Team Members:

Contractor: Hank Hill Company, LLC

Landscape Architect: Harriet McGeorge